Rule of Rune 035 ‘Clandestine in the Mix’


Here’s the yesterday’s episode of the Rule of Rune aired on NSB Radio! You will find a lot of fresh material from RUNE, Scarcity and Kiosek Records in my set – Lain Christoph’s remix of the new track from our friend Paul Rosenthal, coming out on Scarcity. New, wicked remix from Kid Digital, which will be out this summer on RUNE. Upcoming RUNE tracks and remixes from Frequency Less, Pio Beat, LoQuai and Sergei Orange. I had a lot of fun showcasing all the RUNE material on this show, so check out what we have been cooking at our headquarters =D




RULE OF RUNE 035 – Clandestine In The Mix – DOWNLOAD


01. Sensorica ft Eva Kade – Big City (Affective Remix)
02. Blazer – Obsidian (Original Mix) [Neom Recordings]
03. Paul Rosenthal – Superbooty (Lain Christoph Remix) [Scarcity Promo]
04. Winter Face – Great Business (Kid Digital Remix) [RUNE Forthcoming]
05. Elite Force – Godzilla (Original Mix) [U&A Recordings]
06. Line of Sight – Voyager (Grove Remix) [Kiosek Records]
07. LoQuai – Green Acid Dust (Sergei Orange Remix) [RUNE Forthcoming]
08. Frequency Less – Midnight Blues (Pio Beat Remix) [RUNE Forthcoming]
09. Mesmer – Ignition (Original Mix) [Scarcity Records]
10. GUAU – Unexpected (Original Mix) [Elektroshock Records]
11. Fisso & Spark – Restless World (GUAU Remix) [RUNE Recordings] – OUT NOW!
12. Frequency Less – Time Paradox (Original Mix) [RUNE Forthcoming]

Tune in every other Thursday at 10 am EST. NSB Radio



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