Rule Of Rune 038 – Clandestine Ft. Frequency Less


Rule Of Rune 038 – Clandestine Ft. Frequency Less (08.21.2014)

Join us at the Rule of Rune this week, as we are featuring a guest set from one of Spain’s busiest Psy-Breaks producers – Frequency Less!

Frequency Less aka Ricky Casero is a prolific Psy-Breaks producer from Valencia, Spain.
Coming from the old traditional musician family, Ricky has been involved with music since he was 5 years old, and played classical music (horn player) as a soloist in many countries. (Canada, Italy, Germany, etc.)
Ricky started listening to Psy-Trance in 2010, and quickly became interested in production. In 2011 he started his first project called Frequency Less.
Ricky is the Owner, Manager and a producer at Zerosound Records, and have released several EPs on labels such as: TEK records, Blacked Out Recordings, V.I.M Breaks, Zerosound Records and Zero Gravity Records to name a few.

Ricky recorded a wicked guest mix for us just in time for his newest release ‘Time Paradox/Midnight Blues’ coming out in the next couple of weeks on RUNE Recordings.

MP3 – 1:58:27
Direct Download: Rule Of Rune 038 – Clandestine Ft. Frequency Less
iTunes Podcast: Rule of Rune Podcast


1st Hour Clandestine in the mix:

01. Ilya Mosolov – Perun (Sergei Orange Remix) [RUNE Recordings]
02. Acidova – Killer Wheels (OOOD Remix) [RUNE Recordings]
03. Blacklist – Mental! (Z4THOICHI Remix) [VIM Records]
04. Bl1tz & Necroboy – Enter The Night (Forufreezer Remix) [KindCrime Recordings]
05. Frequency Less – Time Paradox (Martopeter Remix) [RUNE Recordings]
06. BSE & Noisia – Hideous (Retroid Remix) [FREE]
07. Dirt Revolver & Charlie Kane – Insertion (Original Mix) [Diabloc Loco]
08. Karl Sav – Octoadic (Rcaine Remix) [AUX]
09. Acidova – Cosmic Flow (Blazer Remix) [Tek Records]
10. Nick Sentience – Scientific Advancement (Chris Voro Remix) [Critical Overload]
11. Nelver – Summer Kiss (Breaks Mix) [RUNE Recordings]
12. ID-ID (Sergei Orange Remix) [RUNE Recordings]

2nd Hour – Frequency Less in the mix:

1. FreQ. Less – Feeling nº1 (Out on Underground Base Records)
2. FreQ. Less – Demonstration ( Out on Parallel Dimension Vol.3, V.I.M Breaks)
3. Digibox – Concrete (FreQ.Less Remix)
4. Pitch Drop – Broken Knows (FreQ. Less Remix)
5. Stereo Dots – Certainly Crazy (FreQ.Less Remix)
6. FreQ. Less – They Saw (Out on Blacked Out Recordings)
7. Necroboy & Bl1tz – Enter the night (FreQ.Less Remix)
8. Buda Break – Way of the Samurai (FreQ.Less Remix)
9. FreQ. Less- Divine Tantra (Out on TEK records)
10. FreQ. Less – Time Paradox (Out on Rune Recordings)
11. FreQ. Less – Breaking Pad (Out on Yellow Finger Comunications)
12. Michu – SubHit (FreQ.Less Remix)
13. FreQ. Less – Ultranova (Out on TEK Records)
13. FreQ. Less – Konfused (Out on Expo Records


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