Rule Of Rune 041 – Clandestine Ft LLUPA (10.30.2014)

Rule Of Rune 041 - Clandestine Ft LLUPA

Download the new episode of the Rule of Rune with me Art Clandestine. First hour, as always, you will be listening to me playing some tunes for ya, followed by the guest mix from our friend, DJ, producer and the host of the Disc Breaks Show here on NSB Radio – Tom LLUPA.
I’ve always been a huge fan of Tom’s Disc Breaks Show, and after being a guest on there twice – I decided to invite him to the Rule of Rune and he got an epic guest mix put together for us..


MP3 – 2:00:14
Direct Download: Rule Of Rune 041 – Clandestine Ft LLUPA (10.30.2014)
iTunes Podcast: Rule of Rune Podcast


1st Hour – Clandestine in the Mix:

01. Phrakture & Clandestine – Parasomnia (Emissary Remix) [RUNE Forthcoming]
02. Muse – Supermassive Black Hole (Oracle Mix) [Unreleased]
03. Windom R – Killa Bees [RUNE Forthcoming]
04. Parallax Breakz – Waves (Oleg Zubkov Remix) [RUNE Recordings]
05. Adam F – Metropolis (Bobalino Remix) [BWP Free Tune][DOWNLOAD –]
06. Alter Form – Visionary – [RUNE Forthcoming]
07. Beta – Sinking (Original Mix) [Succession Records]
08. Acidova – Killer Wheels (Guau Remix) [RUNE Recordings]
09. Future Funk Squad – Soundwaves (Sketi Remix) [Audio Science Productions]
10. Colombo – Hanss (Original Mix) [iBreaks]
11. Mesmer – Ignition (Original Mix) [Scarcity Records]

2nd Hour – Llupa Guest Mix:

01. PRZK – Dog Food [AUX]
02. Future Funk Squad – The Colony (Evil Nine Remix) [Audio Science Productions]
03. Tamer Fouda – Out Of Control [TechnoTransformers]
04. Chevy One, Hanon – Hostage (Meat Katie Mix) [LOT49]
05. Resistor – EV-69 (Llupa’s ‘I Will Not Be Pushed’ Remix) [VIM PROMO]
06. Metha – Liar [AUX]
07. Mechanical Pressure ft. Lin – Take Me With You (Rcaine Remix) [Scarcity Records]
08. Dan F & Ricky Stone pres Sinosine – One Country [Velcro House]
09. Rick Tedesco – Carbon (Yanix Remix) [Elliptical Sun Platinum]
10. Future Funk Squad – The Hunted (Blazer Remix) [Audio Science Productions]
11. Jiro – Dub Horizons [Divergence]
12. Neoh – Breaking Da City [Teknical Records]
13. Huff – Dirty & Dangerous [Census Sound Recordings]
14. Miss Mants – Anonim [VIM Records]
15. Elite Force – Melodik Hypnotik (Re-Rub Mix) [U&A Recordings]
16. Underworld – Dark and Long (Dark Train) 2011 edit [JBO]
17. Charlie Kane – My Release (Dirt Revolver Remix) [Census Records]
18. Alter Form – Life After Death (Beat Tempest Remix) [KindCrime Recordings]
19. Metha – System Soul (Resonant Status Remix) []
20. Orbital – Impact (FFS Remix) [Hacker]


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