Rule of Rune 043 – Clandestine ft Mechanical Pressure (12.04.2014)

Download the new episode of the Rule of Rune with me Art Clandestine… for the first hour I did something different and played one of our classic mixes from mid-2000’s, full of classy, chunky breaks and for the 2nd hour we had a guest mix from the BreakBeatZone resident artist, a wicked dj and a producer from Ukraine – Mechanical Pressure. This mix is another one of the special podcast mixes to support the BREAK IN’ DRAG open festival in Ukraine where Mechanical Pressure will be playing this December 12-14…wicked mix!


MP3 – 2:00:31
Direct Download: Rule Of Rune 043 – Clandestine ft Mechanical Pressure (12.04.2014)
iTunes Podcast: Rule of Rune Podcast


1st Hour – Clandestine’s ‘Classic’ Mix:

01. General MIDI – Rattle Ya Cage
02. ILS – Razorblade (Stranger Remix)
03. General MIDI – F.U.N.K. (Original Mix)
04. Digitalis – The Ride (Kid Blue Mix)
05. The Breakfastaz – Girls, Money Drink & Drugs (Instrumental Mix)
06. Marschmellows Feat MC Sirreal – It Aint Right
07. Marschmellows Feat MC Sirreal – It Aint Right (B-Phreak Remix)
08. Tresh – Energizer (Original Mix)
09. SOAK – Miraflores (Retroid Remix)
10. Elevator People – Mono (Trafik’s In One Ear Mix)
11. Melleefresh, Deadmau5 – Hey Baby (Burufunk’s Dirty Mackin Remix)
12. Solus Town – I Am Morning (Original Mix)
13. Elite Force – Heart Of Darkness (Original Mix)

2nd Hour – Mechanical Pressure Guest Mix:

01 Mechanical Pressure – That More Bitch
02 Mechanical Pressure – Hello Chemical
03 Mechanical Pressure – Synthetic Mindsets
04 Mechanical Pressure – Ascetic
05 Mechanical Pressure – Antares
06 Mechanical Pressure – Weald
07 Mechanical Pressure – Skirr
08 Mechanical Pressure – Jerk
09 Mechanical Pressure – Bobbby E
10 Mechanical Pressure – Bakufu
11 Colombo – Hankering
12 Colombo – Destruction
13 Digital Breaks Foundation, Retroid – Nightfall (Kultur & Colombo Remix)
14 Colombo – Induism
15 Mechanical Pressure & Zendi – T34
16 Mechanical Pressure & Zendi – Cynosura
17 Mechanical Pressure – Prickles
18 Mechanical Pressure – Operation Chariot
19 Mechanical Pressure – Sacramental
20 Mechanical Pressure – Nostromo
21 Mechanical Pressure & Limel – Hami
22 Mechanical Pressure & Disept – Seid

Mechanical Pressure is a musical project from Ukraine that specializes on electronic music.
Being initially a drum&bass project, Mechanical Pressure followed the global tendency for dubstep and released a few EPs and one LP
that concentrated on deep & dark dubstep sound.
Later, he decided to cover even more musical ground, and started experimenting with a variety of electronic genres such as
DnB, breaks, dubstep, techno and experemental electronica, etc.
His music made its way to many radio stations worldwide.
In 2013, Mechanical Pressure took part in creating the soundtrack for the Russian horror TV series “Vyzhit’ Posle” (“To Survive After”).
Also Alexey (Mechanical Pressure) is the resident artist of BreakBeatZone (Russian Breakbeat Community).
His production skills were praised by The Crystal Method, Future Funk Squad, BETA, Mesmer, etc.


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