Rule of Rune 044 With The Guest Host Khromata (12.11.2014)

Join us for this week’s edition of the RULE of RUNE, featuring Khromata of the RUNE Label DJ Team. We’ve recently brought her onto the team, as we’ve been impressed with her expansive knowledge with both the psytrance and psybreak culture. Her passion towards music, her contributions to her local San Francisco crews, along with her endlessly-entertaining personality 😉 have consistently impressed us. For today’s show – we have Khromata featured for the full two-hour show. Tune in and join us!



MP3 – 2:00:43
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01. Meat Katie, Chevy One – When You’re Dead (The Lucky 23 Rmx) [LOT49]
02. Discosynthetique – Turn on your TV (Original Mix) [Base Industry Records]
03. Evil Nine – For Lovers Not Fighters (Original Mix) [Marine Parade]
04. PRZK – On Fire (RCaine Remix) [AUX TECHNOLOGY]
05. Alter Form – Visionary (Freak Da Bass rmx) [FORTHCOMING ON RUNE DEC 22nd]
06. Optobot – Audium (Original Mix) [Sub Element Recordings]
07. Chevy One, Hanon – Hostage (Meat Katie Remx) [LOT49]
08. Hedflux – Catharsis (Split & Jaxta Rmx) [BANDCAMP]
09. Genuss – The Same 5 Songs [KindCrime Recordings]
10. Dinamik – Powertech (Charlie Kane Rmx) [Diablo Loco]
11. Phrakture and Clandestine – Parasomnia (Original Mix) [RUNE Recordings]
12. Segei Orange – Vitality (Original Mix) [RUNE Recordings]
13. Parallax Breakz feat Oleg Zubkov – Lightning (Original Mix) [RUNE Recordings]
14. Moontrip- Reality & Spirituality (Charlie Kane Remix) [Tek Records]
15. Andy Faze – Outer Hypnosis (Original Mix) [CDR]
16. Alter Form – Visionary (Frequency Less Rmx) [FORTHCOMING ON RUNE DEC 22nd]
17. LoQuai – Green Acid Dust (Sergei Orange Rmx) [FORTHCOMING ON RUNE DEC 29nd]
18. Frequency Less – Time Paradox (Kwah Rmx) [RUNE Recordings]
19. Half Space – Increment (Original Mix) [VIM Records]
20. Hardnoise – End of Summer (Digibox Remix) [RUNE Recordings]
21. Hedflux – Revolve (Peak Remix) [Broken Robot]
22. Hardnoise – Feeling This (Original Mix) [RUNE Recordings]
23. Kaya Project – One Hundred Lights (Grouch Rmx) [BANDCAMP]

:::: KHROMATA ::::
(Pulse SF, Digital Om Productions, Rune Recordings)

Khromata is a passionate DJ who seeks to spread the cutting edge sound of the psychedelic underground. She has adroitly crafted her signature fun, funky and unique style, that has been embraced by dancers on dancefloors far and wide.

Khromata exudes a genuine, passionate energy from behind the decks that is reciprocated by the dance floor. With a blend of refined technical skills, unique creativity, and a learned understanding of how to take dancers on a meaningful journey during her sets, she has been embraced globally through her performances and online mixes and radio appearances. Different scenes with different audiences seek her out because of her versatility, while always staying true to her signature sound. She’ll play anything from drum and bass to psydub, but is mostly known for her psybreaks and psychedelic trance sets.

Khromata began DJing 2010, finally following through with what had been a 13 year fascination with DJing. From Ambient to Zydeco and everything in between, she finds inspiration in the diversity and beauty of music, and DJing was a natural progression of expression for her musical passion, a continuation of what she has always done and what she loves to do–share good music.

Khromata’s interest in music and the dance music scene goes beyond from behind the decks and into academics. With a focus on Sociology and Anthropology in her education, she is deeply interested in the cultural implications of dance music. She wrote her senior college thesis on transnational psychedelic trance culture and spirituality to understand her passions on a deeper level.

In the four years that she has been DJing, she has gained the respect from her peers for what she’s accomplished by staying true to her sound and the music she loves. In this time she has played multiple undergrounds, renegades, warehouses, festivals, clubs and raves in and out of state, and she has played numerous opening and closing sets for legendary international headliners.

Khromata has been sought after by world renowned crews and labels. Currently, Khromata is a resident DJ for Pulse SF, one of the premier psychedelic trance event production crews in the United States; a label DJ for Digital Om Productions, a label based out of India with consistent high quality and chart topping releases, and Rune Recordings a top breaks label based out of Ukraine.


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