Rule of Rune 045 – RUNE’s Year In Review (01.01.2015)

45Here’s the download of the Special 2-hour Episode of the Rule of Rune from yesterday, where I am showcasing RUNE Recordings’ releases that came out in 2014. Download it, Play it, Share it and Enjoy it!





MP3 – 1:55:39
Direct Download: Rule of Rune 045 – RUNE’s Year In Review mixed by Clandestine (01.01.2015)
iTunes Podcast: Rule of Rune Podcast


01. Parallax Breaks & Oleg Zubkov – Lightning (Original Mix) [RUNE]
02. Oleg Zubkov feat. Andrew StetS – Indestructible (Original Mix) [RUNE]
03. Fisso & Spark – Fusion (Resistor Remix) [RUNE]
04. Fisso & Spark – Fusion (Affective Glitch Remix) [RUNE]
05. Helskanki – The Flood (Dub Mix) [RUNE]
06. Helskanki – The Flood (Sergei Orange Remix) [RUNE]
07. Nelver – Summer Kiss (Breaks Mix) [RUNE]
08. Ilya Mosolov – Red Dust (Original Mix) [RUNE]
09. Acidova – Killer Wheels (OOOD Remix) [RUNE]
10. Alter Form – Visionary (Original Mix) [RUNE]
11. Alter Form – Visionary (Frequency Less Remix) [RUNE]
12. Sergei Orange – Vitality (Original Mix) [RUNE]
13. LoQuai – Green Acid Dust (Line of Sight Remix) [RUNE]
14. Ilya Mosolov – Renegade (Original Mix) [RUNE]
15. Phrakture ft Clandestine – Parasomnia (Original Mix) [RUNE]
16. Roboteknic – True Mystery (Retroid Remix) [RUNE]
17. Phrakture – Archon (Original Mix) [RUNE]
18. Sergei Orange – Dignity (Original Mix) [RUNE]
19. LoQuai – Green Acid Dust (Sergei Orange Remix) [RUNE]
20. Frequency Less – Time Paradox (Kwah Remix) [RUNE]
21. Frequency Less – Time Paradox (Martopeter Remix) [RUNE]
22. Roboteknic – True Mystery (Tom Clyde’s ‘False Clue’ Remix) [RUNE]
23. Frequency Less – Midnight Blues (SKETI Remix) [RUNE]

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